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$119.00 by bendansie
Designed for the young and seafaring at heart - even if they can't tell their binnacles from their barnacles. Successfully printed in Silver and G...
$6.00 by verrillka
If you would like to dye your own White, Strong & Flexible parts in a wide variety of colors (brighter colors, richer colors, better colors) than w...
$65.40 by pilate7004
An earring in the shape of an anchor
$35.99 by roofoo
$29.04 by Racer X
This is a great gift and training for Boy Scouts, Coast Guard and Navy, Captains and other boaters who use knots! “Bowline Knot” is shown here ...
$11.98 by RingRat
A small monkey's fist pendant. Used on the end of a shore line on ships to serve as a weight to enable a deckhand to throw the rope to a dock.
$80.00 by GeomatrixStudio
A small dainty nautical themed anchor necklace.
$7.78 by gavinfischer
The monkey fist knot is used to put weight on the end of a line so it can be thrown. It also looks cool...
Not For Sale by tduvall.design@gmail.com
Nautical Compass RingA rotating glass ball [not shown here] centres this uniquely designed ring. Light can enter the monochromatic glass marble fro...
$22.06 by gavinfischer
Size 6 of the Reef Knot ring. Size 9 available in my shop. Other sizes to be uploaded, but if you want something different message me and I will ge...