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$7.00 by Mechanoid
Here is a Narnian Civilian Transport. The Narnians produced a slightly smaller version of their military transport for civilian use. They became so...
$8.77 by Mechanoid
Here is a Narnian Military Transport. 1/1000 scale.
$20.99 by Mechanoid
Makes a nice Babylon 5 Xmas ornament. Markup has been dropped on this model.
$9.35 by Mechanoid
Some famous fighters from around the galaxy in 1/1000 scale. Fighters from Earthy, plus a couple of advanced fighters, Narnian, Bonehead, Crown Hai...
$4.23 by Mechanoid
On Narnia a special freighter was found in the ruins of a large city. It's fully intact and ready to fly. It's a really small version of the Mili...