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$28.76 by maxg90
A trombone mouthpiece loosely based of a blessing 12c. May play very well or or not at all, it is very experimental.
$26.20 by maxg90
Internal dimensions are as close to the bach 5g mouthpiece as possible, however it has been modified onto a small shank for use in a tenor trombone...
$38.08 by Koen88
Saxophone mouhtpiece derived from OL STM 5* only facing curve and some outside diameters remained. this is the version with the smooth chamber.
$64.11 by mdahlgren
With its internally fluted design, this experimental 3D printed trumpet mouthpiece manages to be the best of both worlds: Clear in the higher regis...
$28.33 by dmweder
Trumpet Mouthpiece, modeled after a standard "3c". My son is a High School Trumpet Player and worked with me to create this design. After some po...
$29.07 by dmweder
Trumpet Mouthpeice with the same exterior geometery as the "3c", but with the inside modified to match the "Screamer" mouthpeice that a friend owns...
$66.99 by mdahlgren
An improved version of the original Tri-Wing Mouthpiece, this 3D printed trumpet mouthpiece features a larger16.5mm cup, slightly larger than a Bac...
$52.99 by mdahlgren
That's right—for the first time ever, you can play flutes in your horn! With its thin walls, medium cup depth, superior material, and strategical...
$8.53 by Daniel_king75
Tuba Model about the Size of a soda can, perfect for all you tuba playing band nerds out there!
$50.93 by NightSkyDesign3d
This is an example of a standard trombone mouthpiece for someone not playing in the lead position. Built for comfort with extra rounded edges.