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$11.04 by scottc102
Shapeways Image Popper
$5.00 by DKG552
This is one of the "rings" that gradually go down Mjolnir's handle. The circumference for the inside is 4.5 inches with a 3/16 in. thickness all ar...
$31.99 by fraochdha
This viking style Thor's hammer ties the beauty of celtic knot work with the powerful pagan symbol of Mjolnir (Thor's Hammer)
$36.94 by Ray716
$54.99 by Fairesure
Mjolnir pendant with some extra places for engraving. If you need some runes\letters on it - let me to know :o)
$30.28 by gregtehred
The Hammer of the Thunderer himself.An excellent necklace for anyone interested in Norse Mythology or the Viking Age. The model has a 1 mm hole to ...
$59.60 by gregtehred
Twenty percent smaller than the original, this version stands a total of 2.9 cm tall. The hole is still 1 mm to allow threading of string or wire. ...
$8.46 by odino
just something I have made in my free time. I like viking pendant and symbols. It's the same as the other version in my inventory, but this is holl...
$31.00 by fraochdha
This rather unique Thor's hammer ties together the hull shape and mast of a Viking Longboat with the style and shape of Mjolinr (Thor's Hammer). A...
$17.00 by Thorworx