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Tag: Metatron's cube

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$28.20 by henryseg
Self referential cube.
$3.27 by Catsruler1
Four Interlocked Cubes. 1 cube = 1 cm3
$51.24 by aguebeli
You get 8 vertices for creating one cube, edges diameter 6 mm from wood - plastic-or aluminium ar not included
$103.08 by Polygonist
$18.47 by gklein
$7.07 by Skillzilla
Let us assign the cube to earth, for it is the most immobile of the four bodies and most retentive of shape. -Plato
$12.70 by Spongeinside
A Cube, just for display or wear it as a necklace.*comes without necklace.
$17.21 by Caran
Cube is a pendant design that you can put in your bracelet, necklace or chain. Adorn and change your jewelry by your own with this polyhedron.
$11.06 by ELFink
$2.90 by justiniso