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$20.88 by henryseg
Produced using SeifertView ( figure 8 knot is the simplest knot after the trefoil and the unknot, an...
Not For Sale by soxofaan
Stereographic projection of a four dimensional hypercube in three dimensional space. See for more background.
$105.00 by rgb_industry
Not For Sale by 32Q2
Topologically the same as the well known non-orientable surface, but embedded so the edge is a flat circle.
$33.53 by 32Q2
$9.82 by 32Q2
Not For Sale by 32Q2
The surface swept out by the projection of a line segment rotated in 4 dimensions
Not For Sale by FishFace
This model was inspired by the mathematical figure, the compound of five tetrahedra. By letting the edges of the figure curve and meet in the middl...
$15.69 by henryseg
A ruled parametric surface based on the Archimedean spiral.
$16.90 by SimonGregg
Labyrinth The classic Minoan labyrinth or maze, such as Daedalus built for King Minos to house his Minotaur.