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$12.13 by Oreosmooshy
A 2.5cm (1 inch) full color marble based on Pixar's short Luxo Jr.
$5.32 by Oreosmooshy
A simple and elegant display stand for a 1 inch marble.
$11.42 by swirlingbrain
I've attached a ball to the rolling ball sculpture with the idea that you cut it off and sand it and it should work as the marble. The marble is 5...
$7.69 by Magic
Marble Pendant v2A variation of the double marble pendant. Marbles must be 16 mm (5/8"). SUCCESSFULLY PRINTED. NEW VERSION! The actual model is sli...
$4.00 by SellusionStar
A marble 2x2x2 cm type #2
$6.11 by SellusionStar
A little fancy Marble. There is another fancy sphere inside the cage.
$11.93 by WelshDesigns
Solid Marble like model. Full Color. Very accurate. 1.0 inch in diameter. View my store for a larger hollow version. This model has been a grea...
$10.99 by Mandalorian
This beautiful and elegantly designed ring has been textured with a vibrant green marble pattern. The ring hole has a 20mm diameter stretch. It was...
$8.09 by bennimon
$2.45 by MiniMunitions
An older version of the SA 5C