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$49.97 by stusearle
3D mandelbrot fractal, distorted by offsetting Z-value before iterating.
$36.14 by qdk
An ode to Benoît Mandelbrot (1924–2010).
$65.37 by ValerioParisi
$125.36 by rlbagulatftn
Bezier between the Mandelbrot set and the Feigenbaum set at p=1/8.
$5.06 by FractalWoman
3D Model of a Julia Sierpinski Curve
Not For Sale by FractalWoman
Pendant made from the Mandelbrot Set
Not For Sale by FractalWoman
$146.25 by MANDELWERK
The Mandelbulb - Discovered by Daniel White & co. 2009. Here as a Mandelbulb ring in Sterling silver (92,5% silver) This model has an inner di...
$24.82 by LuraSDesign
Beautiful and fascinating 3D Fractal Spiral, looks completly different from every angle - it's like having a new pendant every time. See the pictu...
$16.77 by LuraSDesign
A really tiny Fractal Snail Pendant. Only 2cm long, definately printable in "Frosted Detail', best 'Frosted Ultra Detail'. Should be OK in unpolis...