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$36.02 by RotVar!
$4.65 by ChrisArtscapes
$22.72 by ChrisArtscapes
A wand I made.
$13.21 by ChrisArtscapes
A sword I made. I got a message that the sword needed to be smaller so I have had to shrink it. And now I'm getting a message that it needs to b...
$62.94 by Franziskaa
 This is Vesdra, my Necromancer. This model is tall like a Gashapon (4.5 inch) , and soon it will be available for you favourite RPG or W...
$7.97 by Ctgear
Made with Tinkercad: https://tinkercad.com/things/1mQ2rhFbFS7
$14.90 by Tarum
This is a new version of Darmian the Wizard. This model is part of the game RotVar! You can see (and buy) it here: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/g...
$13.10 by Tarum
This is Niruli the Elementalist, A powerful magician. This model is perfect for your Rpg or Wargame :-) This model is part of the game RotVar! Y...
$13.85 by Yerathel
A Fantasy Sorceress. Height is 28mm. This figures is intended to be glued to a 28mm gaming base (not included) in order for it to stand properly. T...
$7.96 by AcetheSuperVillain
Helja Granitasker, "The Armored Dragon of Tyr Faerath", Spell Casting Pose. This is Helja Granitasker, one of my characters from Dungeons & ...