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$20.27 by ShapeKays
This model consists of one single mobius strip which makes 4 turns.Itl is very flexible, the smaller versions (see shop) are more sturdy.
$2.45 by ShapeKays
This little mobius knot consists of one single wire that is wound four times before returning to the starting point.
$20.77 by Bachman
$16.13 by ShapeKays
The other sculpture from Escher's woodcut 'knots'
$5.45 by ShapeKays
From Escher's woodcut 'knots'.
$5.77 by mnewberg
Piped Mobius Strip
$4.89 by mnewberg
$48.80 by henryseg
The usual version of a Möbius strip has as its single boundary curve an unknotted loop. An unknotted loop can be deformed into a circle, with the ...
$9.37 by zulubo
A mini mobius, just mini enough to fit around your finger.
$6.00 by zulubo
A tiny mobius strip small enough to be a pendant (as mine is) or just to sit on your desk. Very nice in polished strong and flexible options.