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$36.73 by owl_express
Un objet que j'avais réalisé pour Entrepôt 3D il y a quelques années.
$40.26 by Polygonshape
Nebula is a concept, designed by Polygon, its innovation and design, lies in the change of state from the pure geometric form and completely smooth...
$1.72 by dengurix2
Created with "Mebius Ring Designer" of web applicatison. Mebius Ring Designer : http://fabable.net/ring/mebius
$53.28 by jacquesbazin
$20.00 by baltimore
$65.64 by Kolago
Ring out of 9 to 14 interconnected rings. (Depends on ring size you order) Actual Ring size is 1.2 mm larger in diameter to account f...
$4.72 by PedroLacerda
$14.66 by Otto
Two interlocked rings which fit flat on the table.
$8.38 by ErrobaArt
An elegant design of rings forming a double ring. This version: Inner diameter 18mm, which is size 56 (inner circumference). On request other size...
$63.00 by opresco
Could be worn as a Pendant. Your Text (min. 35 – max. 50 characters, including word spaces; same text on both rings; I choose the typeface) – i...