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$26.01 by scientist2010
A delicate and elegant item that doesn't hide your flame but makes it more beautiful. The tea light consists of three interwoven nets of different...
$17.04 by charlotte
$19.13 by Door
Part 1 of the Trigonal / Triangular Prism. Almost Mini.Not yet prototyped.You need to buy both Part 1 and Part 2.
$194.11 by Grotesque
Pendant inspired by natural patterns. The shell of branches hides a miniature tree inside. Necklace not included, please make sure the necklace you...
$5.24 by Jeewel
Size 6 Inside diameter: 0.65 inches - 16.51 millimeters Inside circumference: 2.04 inches - 51.9 millimetersSize 5Size 6Size 7Size 8Size 9Size 10Si...
$21.99 by Jeewel
The inside diameter is 65 mm / 2.56 inches (medium size) Click here for size L Check also the same design as a ring
$79.16 by sfab
Matriliny is descent through the female line. Mothers protect, care, embrace. Mothers where raised by mothers, grandmothers, greatgrandmothers. The...