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$59.71 by RobTorres
A representation of an Ammonite shell, a long extinct animal, which lived in the ancient seas more than 300 million years ago. Buy today this delig...
$52.87 by unellenu
'Linear mesh shell' , a small sculpture/ model, with shell-ish swirls.The unellenu store on shapeways - for designer objects, fractal art, scu...
$55.66 by unellenu
'Spiral Shell - Lineate' sculpture / model.See a selection of my fractal sculpure concepts on youtube.The unellenu store on shapeways - for de...
$400.00 by rosethun@yahoo.com
Infinite Love Sculpture (10" wide) Gorgeous. A heart in one direction, an infinity loop in the other. Inspired by the Ramayana myth of ideal love. ...
$22.28 by orangejellies
Dodecahedron model with twisted hole.
$12.24 by karmabomb
One anatomically correct humerus bone is perfect halloween accessory or biology enthusiasts. The four views is to see from multiple angles. The len...
$13.52 by sganthem1000
$237.89 by CassArt
Harmonie,A finely detailed sculpture inspired by the art of Boris Indrikov created to use as a table centre piece that can be lit with a LED candle.
$26.67 by marcthearc
This is a torus shaped sculpture, not quite 10 cm in diameter. The picture shows it in the sandstone material. But I don't see a reason why it shou...
$107.26 by MichielS1982