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$11.91 by Daphne
One pair of earrings. The leaves of the flower bend to both sides. matching bracelet
$11.95 by Daphne
A bracelet existing of 36 connected squares. The bracelet has an easy closing mechanism. Decoration of purple plastic stone is done afterwards and ...
$9.70 by Daphne
$11.83 by Daphne
Arashi is the Japanese word for "wind blowing through the mountains", or Storm. Some judo and jiu jitsu clubs are named Arashi.
$20.78 by Daphne
Ring size 12 Size 10.5
$16.60 by Daphne
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$21.78 by Daphne
This is locket existing of two fitting parts. In the picture with the photo, two letters can been seen in the lid. These letters are removed in the...