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$7.08 by sunlink
This weapon was inspired by G1 Action Master Treadshot weapon. It has a 5mm peg handle to allow it to be held by anything that can hold a 5mm peg.
$5.12 by dougb62
FOC Jazz add on.
$7.41 by rudi
$6.26 by rudi
$18.45 by nateowens
Caricature of the classic boogie-woogie jazz and rinky-dink saloon piano player. Great for the jazz piano and music fans (Click on material choices...
$6.89 by Automaster
AVAILABLE NOW!!The Automaster Blaster is an original design perfectly situated for the many iterations of Classics Bumblebee and Cliffjumper.It wil...
$9.68 by Steven3D
The Earphones MP3 Cable Winder is a Handy tool for winding up your Mp3 Earphone cables.
$8.97 by Automaster
AVAILABLE NOW!! Here is Seeker Missile 2.0. Designed to be more in scale with your Seeker's arm than the store bought clunky ones, and it has adde...
Not For Sale by Automaster
Coming Soon: The Grim Warrior Blaster!! This updated blaster will complete your Transformers Classics Grimlock action figure. Don't forget to add o...
$11.25 by TecromDesigns
This guitar may be used with some deluxe scale transformers, that have open hands such as the TF Generations Wreck-gar or Junkheap figures. The pri...