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$14.36 by ostara
$35.07 by IanGarrett
$18.03 by David Bizer
A tribute to the arab spring - The internet and mobile communication were crucial factors to the democratic movement. Like no other device the ip...
$70.55 by IanGarrett
$48.70 by isohedral
A spherical Islamic star pattern with a mixture of 8-pointed and 9-pointed stars.
$28.99 by isohedral
A spherical Islamic star pattern featuring a large number of six-pointed stars. Use it as a Christmas ornament and it becomes the perfect combinat...
$55.66 by isohedral
A small spherical Islamic star pattern with cubical geometry, intended to be fabricated in steel or silver. Wear it as a pendant!
$24.34 by isohedral
A spherical ornament inspired by Islamic geometry. The design can be seen as composed of 360 kite shapes, which surround ten-pointed and nine-poin...
$34.52 by IanGarrett
This pendant was inspired by Celtic and Islamic geometric knot designs. It has an timeless and elegant look and feel.
$29.61 by isohedral
This is a resurrected version of one of the very first objects I designed for 3D printing, around the year 2000. It's a spherical Islamic star pat...