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$32.12 by IanGarrett
$279.26 by IanGarrett
$13.42 by skazm
This geometrical design is based on the stained glass windows at a Sephardic synagogue in Paris. The eloquent, even array of lines and curves evo...
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$70.55 by IanGarrett
$80.06 by IanGarrett
This Pendant contains the Takbir which are the opening words of the Islamic Prayer. The calligraphy is written in a heart shape that forms a contin...
$97.00 by LucasPlus
Used as a symbol of protection throughout history, this instantly eye-catching (and evil eye repelling) Hamsa is like no other you've seen before. ...
$13.00 by SacarianDesigns
Allah is the name of G-d for many faiths. Muslims, Christians and Jews. Other faiths also use the name "Allah" to refer to G-d. Allow this pendant ...
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Bismillah Khat
$133.75 by IanGarrett
I have been playing with the idea of creating a piece of art involving light. With that in mind I present my idea for a new design for a candle hol...