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$3.60 by Kreativlos
WARNING: I can't guarantee that these eyes will fit to every faceplate.
$9.28 by 3gfisch
successful printed in Alumide
$86.66 by jbsergent
Iron man head that you can put led lights in
$28.66 by Spectoys
$45.99 by D001
Comes in two parts, the top and bottom plates. The two need to be properly melded together.
$3.51 by Beck
$32.02 by Beck
$56.00 by craftvfx
The Arc Reactor for the Iron Man Mark IV suit. One of two parts. Works with the Arc Reactor Light Diffuser Box also in my shapeways store: http...
$85.00 by craftvfx
The Iron man boot to the Mark IV / VI suit. This is the toe to the boot, you will need to order three additional parts for a complete boot, (x1 Ir...
$35.00 by craftvfx
Iron Man Mark IV lower ankle armor (Left). This part goes just above the foot. Printed up as thin as possible to conserve on cost, it will need so...