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$17.00 by baltimore
These are incredibly detialed, with awesome features inside! Unlike anything you've seen. These ship with sterling silver earring hooks
$71.13 by Anarkik3D
Lacy pendant with another lacy oval inside, so pretty and astonishing.
$27.01 by Grotesque
Pendant inspired by spiral shaped sea shells with spikes. Doesn't include necklace. Please make sure that the necklace you chose has small enough c...
$36.09 by richardsouthwell
An intricate cuboid with a hollow interior and highly detailed surface.
$62.30 by richardsouthwell
An intricate three dimensional array of cubes reminiscent of the labyrinths considered by Jorge Luis Borges.
$29.41 by richardsouthwell
The beginnings of an the growth of an intricate fractal network.
$48.40 by Cuchullain
 This is a simple knotwork ring.I finally got it reworked and it prints fine in silver. It is comfortable to wear, the inside walls are smooth...
$35.73 by tinypurpletreehouse
A lovely detailed pendant with bird and leaves detailing In Stainless Steel it's a nice and heavy piece of jewelry In the colored plastics you can ...
$38.98 by SheilaMunro
Nautilus Sugar Skull - Medium, shown here in Antique Bronze Glossy.
$88.08 by Grotesque
Ring that fits on the middle of your finger! Matching Earcuff available. Interior diameter 14mm, for different sizes please contact me.