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Not For Sale by pzich
This is a wireframe icosahedron trapped inside a dodecahedron.
Not For Sale by darrenzi
Made with a combination of Great Stella and TopMod.
$37.84 by RobTorres
Icosahedron sphere.
Not For Sale by FishFace
This model was inspired by the mathematical figure, the compound of five tetrahedra. By letting the edges of the figure curve and meet in the middl...
Not For Sale by FishFace
Based on the compound of 5 tetrahedra, but with a twist.
Not For Sale by Gream
Another testing sculpture, this one is based on icosahedron
$73.19 by aguebeli
You get 12 vertices for creating one icosahedron, edges diameter 6 mm from wood - plastic-or aluminium ar not included
$22.94 by RobTorres
Icosahedron sphere.
$66.58 by matthandlersux
$6.42 by friz
An archimedean polyhedron. N. 8 of the complete set counting 13 items. The icosidodecahedron has 32 faces (20 triangles, 12 pentagons), 60 edges ...