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$33.50 by yuunagi_dameya
It is the type that put a machine gun and a torpedo on Type4 Amphibious truck. It was remodeled for "Operation Tatsumaki". "Operation Tatsumaki" is...
$12.79 by MastersofMilitary
IJN Airplane Tender Akitsushima. Upscaled 1/2400 Model
$11.81 by MastersofMilitary
Imperial Japanese Navy Minelayer Tsugaru 1941 Version. Upscaled 1/2400 Model.
$11.83 by MastersofMilitary
IJN Minelayer in 1944 Configuratin. Upscaled 1/2400 Model.
$3.99 by direwolf
The Fubuki class of the Imperial Japanese Navy is considered by many as the world's first modern destroyers. A powerful combination of speed and a...
$9.35 by MastersofMilitary
The IJN Tsugaru Minelayer was comissioned in October ´41. Used mostly as fast Transport Ship in several "Tokio Express" Missions to Guadalcana and...
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