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$8.53 by JSSculptures
A heart pendant that I came up with when trying to find a seamless center connection. This will look nice in any tpe of metal. The one I uploaded i...
$91.90 by Fokke_de_Noord
$126.03 by vaclav.mazany
Pendant made full of hearts and love. Perfect as a special gift for your beloved one.
$3.62 by Mdnnickb
Cute storybook style hand drawn heart that measures 3 and 3/4 inches wide and 1.5mm thick! I made this with the help of a tutorial on Skillshare...
$16.55 by AllanScharff
66 Hjerter makes together a large Åbent Hjerte, build the same way as Ægte Kærlighed vokser ...
$13.60 by isis_11
For a smaller pendant, have a look at my pendant heart in heart small. Available in several materials.If you want to know more about these material...
$5.25 by paperchild
Shapeways Image Popper
$23.52 by natholas
$25.61 by Robert_Voogt
For best effect, tie a red (or another color) strip just below the hearth
$36.64 by Shuggster
Hearts Bracelet.