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$40.04 by Camazine
Generated by 'Sculpture Generator 1' by Carlo H. Séquin, UC Berkeley. Successfully printed in Stainless Steel
Not For Sale by Sybarite
Shapeways Image Popper
$30.47 by Ianmahaffy
The NYC Hoop Keyring is a miniature version of our Bicycle rack design for New York City. The Keyring is intended for bicycle lovers and their bic...
$21.29 by WillLaPuerta
Desk toy made of wire loops.
$40.93 by ThorHayton
HulaHoop Pendant. The Pendant also works well on a key chain and as a custom zip. Product does not include leather cord, key ring, or zip connector.
$84.00 by monocircus
$20.00 by maqomaqo
An abstract flower shape, hoop earring set.
$36.50 by MattRoesle
This bangle is a variation of my braid bangle design. This braid has only a few crossings, giving the appearance of three separate hoops hanging l...