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$99.77 by MindEversion
A borromeanring-minimal surface in honeycomb style. Now i have one in a half size too.
$11.98 by TreadshotA1
#Sprue B only! You will need Sprue A (separate model) and Sprue B to build Honeycomb!# #Pictures are of Sprue A and Sprue B assembled onto a High G...
$35.00 by designerica
A little bit of honeycomb infused into your finger... my neighbor keeps bees on our roof and I was inspired by their hives. This ring looks fantas...
$130.00 by seied
$64.65 by Camazine
Successfully Printed in Stainless Steel
$7.84 by pilate7004
Honeycomb inspired earring pendant
$14.44 by jeff
I've always been attracted to honeycomb patterns. Hexagons in series are appealing to the eye. Here's a ring designed with this lovely polygon in m...
$27.28 by RvdV
Candle lights are a piece of furniture that lives in every home, a product capable of adapting to any environment, causing pleasant sensations and ...
$10.00 by skyfly200
Wrap your bic lighter in a honey comb design. Intermeshing hexagons wrap around this case, showing through hexagons of you lighters original color.
$29.00 by SRZDesign
Store your batteries within easy reach and in style with the honeycomb battery dispenser. Mount to wall using one screw or can be layed flat on sur...