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Not For Sale by gunilla
A beautiful bracelet in the shape of a doublehelix DNA chain. Perfect gift for someone that's into science.
$16.28 by Enki-Saar
Not everything in life needs to be smooth. Even a kink in the road or, as it happens, in your ring can be really beautiful. This ring is made of a...
$4.22 by Martin01
Double helix style bracelet. Intended for additive manufacturing in metal. This intriguing geometry can not be made conventionally. Triangular ends...
$26.16 by RobTorres
A simple helix with pentagonal stand for your desk.
$58.52 by RobTorres
A chain of molecules in a helix.
$49.99 by lancepickens
Not For Sale by growthobjects
A helix inside a toroid geometry, a continuous rope without end, like a moebius strip. We can found spirals and helices on natural and artificial e...
$8.37 by GizziNTX
The idea for this double helix design has been bouncing around in my head for a few years but I didn't have any reasonable way to produce it before...
$135.30 by ChrisPower
A two part kinetic sculpture. This elegant sphere with spiral patterned surface is actually composed of two interlocking helices: both are able to ...