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$12.10 by SheilaMunro
Detailed Flower of Life Pendant. Also available as an earring set. :)
$33.00 by OBjuan
$51.93 by ThorHayton
Handpan Instrument Pendant. There are many Handpan Instruments. The original was the Hang invented and built by the Swiss company PANArt in Bern, S...
Not For Sale by javamind
Pug kissed by affectionate cat. 3D Photo relief sculpture.
$82.89 by Yaell7
Original Design by Jose Luis Ascencio, the heart represents Love and the dove peace. Available in a variety of materials. for other services pleas...
$19.71 by diez_artwork
Modern interpretation of a Tibetan Dorje. (Perhaps this is the first 3D printed Dorje in the world) The Vajra or Dorje is a Buddhist ritual object....
$5.97 by RobTorres
Harmony pendant.
$19.86 by indyallen
Chinese symbol: Hé meaning harmony
$13.86 by Erkrieal
Element of Radiation symbol - the primordial energy that spawned the entire Absolute . The structure of this amulet like the "flower of life" , whi...
$20.16 by Erkrieal
More complex design inspired by yin-yang (based on Yin-Yang bracelet 01). Hole size - 59 mm.