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$79.37 by sebastiencravoisier
Ed s' better definition for full color 3d printing
$8.69 by friz
A D12 die based on the "true" hexagonal trapezohedron, the dual of the Archimedean hexagonal antiprism. Hollow version, 1.5 mm thickness, labels 01...
$4.80 by xaviermolist
Ø19mm interior
$72.14 by shuuki
A miniature landscape of sound. Water was photographed while vibrating: the images were then translated into heightmaps and manipulated to create s...
$10.50 by ChrisArtscapes
Another Katana inspired by the anime Bleach. This sword has a fine edge and is quite sharp.
$7.50 by Brigadier
$18.47 by Martin K
$13.08 by ghanek
This is telephone box in H0 that is in use in Slovenia
$15.36 by fdecomite
$29.00 by vertigopolka
Here's a 3-inch model consisting of a set of twelve interconnecting, red pentagons and twenty floating green triangles; the exploded, rotated face...