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$4.16 by anydimension
Not For Sale by Dalhimar
A representation of a old friends attitude during the days of Xbox and Halo1. Made 3d for AWN contest, Approx 11k polygons. Along with some Cellsha...
Not For Sale by Michael_C
(Theoretically) parts to be assembled inot a gun for the Gun Boat model. The horozontal bar needs to be removed yielding a gun carriage that sits ...
Not For Sale by m.diclemente@mac.com
$2.15 by multihawk
A standard-issue Pulse Rifle for many Lego minifigure squads.
Not For Sale by lorddarthvik
For Röhm RG88 self defense signal pistol, with hungarian coat of arms and hopefuly better ergonomics.
$3.09 by IndustrialSurrealism
- Ring size is 6- Height is 12.5 mm- No background- Thickness is 1.5 mm- Image is RING_AK_47_1H.jpg- Horizontal image tiling is 1- Vertical image t...
$67.61 by Morrob
Tiny Tank
$8.75 by TreadshotA1
"Twins to die for. The Diva Pistols fire independent bursts in rapid succession. Each shot left a trail in mid-air, hiding the next. Used together,...
Not For Sale by Beta98
Shapeways Image Popper