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$77.40 by Windowmaker
Pendant does not include chain.
$25.76 by erjiang
$40.00 by rosethun@yahoo.com
Elegant pendent or base for earrings. Looks brilliant in brass or gold. Inspired by the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Pope Leighy house in Falls Chu...
$5.20 by mbowers
$25.77 by Dom001
$6.20 by LaMo
Pendant / There is a pendant into which you can put two balls. The balls are not printed.
$5.70 by ValerianoGarciaGonzalez
$7.50 by ncshaw
This is a mathematical object. It is like the well-known "Moebius strip", but this object has a three-dimensional body. You can start at one locati...
$9.34 by joe1029
$11.03 by juliusacosta
star pendant