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Everyone knows the coolest kids in high school were in band. And the coolest of the band kids? The tuba player. Well, after the kid who played the ...
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The Minimized Gramophone "iAcoustic S" is a multi-fuctional accessory for your iPhone. It can become an acoustic amplifier, a stand and a charger i...
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The iShark is an iPhone 'gramophone.' It magnifies the tiny speaker on your iphone when you pop it in the slot in the iShark's back (and also makin...
$90.55 by schreerdesign
Here's a very simple little amplifier for the iPhone - the trumpet shape amplifies the speaker's sound substantially.
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(Note, prices reduced) This is a sound magnifier for your iPhone 4 or 4s (does not fit others), based on the old Gramophones of the late 19th and e...
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Columbia Grafonola Shallow Needle Dish made for a type C2 Columbia Grafonola. May fit other Columbia Grafonola's. ----Tested & Works in Nickel ...
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This is a horn part of iAcoustic which is an acoustic amplifier for iPhone series.
$23.89 by x33x
3" Aretino record spindle adaptor. Works on new turntables and old gramophones.
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These needle are for use on a old Gramophone that plays 78rpm Record. This pack of ten are a test kit.