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$23.61 by Unique Plastique
"Love Machine" is a heart shaped pendant with a clockwork cog design. It takes the concept of love machine and gets rid of all the macho 70's disc...
$9.99 by Williamashman
$6.99 by Williamashman
$72.21 by Fokke_de_Noord
$91.90 by Fokke_de_Noord
$17.98 by Dimensionals
Owl earring with open heart-shaped body. This item comes as a pair, so you only have to order 1 qty. See the Dimensionals store on Shapeways for th...
$59.08 by Fokke_de_Noord
A perfect gift for your girlfriend or for yourself.
$63.02 by Fokke_de_Noord
$49.71 by JBDesign
The Ring of Beauty is THE ring to express yourself and have an unique product. Why buy a commonly available ring while you can be special and set...
$50.00 by Mobious
This is a simple star.