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Not For Sale by Collective_3D
Design Overview: There seem to be a lot of moving parts on Shapeways and I wanted to explore the possibilities of a new design. This widget has two...
Not For Sale by Seadeer_Groveln
This Ring is currently being remodeled. Just working out the kinks. Please Check back later. Robot Gears If robots could poo it would defi...
$6.67 by ferret7
gear 24 tooth 10mm thick 5mm shaft hole
$68.71 by ferret7
gear 99 tooth 10mm thick 5mm shaft hole
$21.39 by zlwilly
The parts to the geared necklace. This item is meant to be a necklace and should assemble and spin properly after the parts have been printed. *ASS...
$32.73 by Maundy
Simplicity, is the aim of this case, the back has been ripped off revealing that the iPhone is being powered by nothing more than simple clockwork...
$46.22 by BFDesigns
Flight Wings with a sprocket! You'll need to purchase a few small neodymium (rare earth) magnets to stick this to your clothing, or contact me and...
$22.00 by Collective_3D
Design Overview: I have this theme of re-purpose and reuse in my designs and this Gear stems from another experiment. Does the Gear move you ask? ...
Not For Sale by kitizz
Changed so that proper gears will be used. Motor has couplers and wheel pieces have a place on axle to secure gears.
Not For Sale by buzzb0x
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