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$1.66 by matteogorini
Full suppressor
$12.87 by WillLaPuerta
A pair of earrings designed as a circular maze. Can you find your way from the outer loop to the inner chamber?
$11.93 by gavage
Working maze design.
$245.73 by SplinterJ
This is the MazeBall! A registered design (reg.no. 002144584-0002). Size (assembled): approx. round 122 mm Weight: approx. 300 grams Youtube vid...
$103.09 by SplinterJ
This is the MazeRoll! A registered design (reg.no. 002144584-0001). Size (assembled): approx. round 45 mm x 141 mm Weight: approx. 90 grams Youtu...
$134.88 by SplinterJ
This is the MazeCone! A registered design (reg.no. 002144584-0003) Size (assembled): approx. round 90 mm x 130 mm Weight: approx. 135 grams Youtu...
$52.50 by virtox
This ring contains an inverted/positive maze pattern. To remind us to stay upbeat when we are lost in life.The ring is 5mm wide.And available in r...
$22.67 by JeanMarcC
$49.55 by Oskar_van_Deventer
Moby Maze is a mechanical maze based on a Mobius Strip. Half of the maze is at one side, the other half is, well, at the same side. The object is t...
$371.82 by Oskar_van_Deventer
Switched Maze is a mechanical maze. The object is to roll the metal ball from "Start" to "Goal". The ball is impeded by gates at several points in ...