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$16.14 by UtorCase
Introduction: UtorCase mounts your Samsung I9305 Galaxy S III on your Xbox 360 controller, so you can conveniently play Android games that have...
Not For Sale by emcfarlane
Replica of a FordGT40 mkII. Scale 1:100. Will try and get it in stainless steel soon. Please rate, thanks! Hope you like it.
$15.76 by vangos
GT Keychain: Looks great in Stainless Steel. Plastic versions are light and inexpensive but may not be sturdy enough if you tend to stuff your keys...
$18.28 by vangos
Veloce keychain. It looks great in stainless steel. Plastics look cool, are light and inexpensive but flex quite a bit and may not withstand the ab...
$10.00 by ShawnMoghadam
This was one of the first models I printed using Shapeways. I learned a lot of lessons in 3D printing because of this model. It is a small puzzle...
$2.69 by best3d
Ferrari Dino 246 GT 1969
$32.63 by TonyRR
Keychain with the logo of the Ferrari 400 GT.
$37.59 by TonyRR
Keychain with the Ferrari 400 logo.