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$2.66 by Rebecca_French
Ring modelled in Pro/Egineer
$56.48 by SDabbs
Jean Reno as Leon - the proffesional. To order a painted version of this sculpture please e-mail me at sean.dabbs@hotmail.com
$493.09 by Laudaire
This impressive multilingual fruit bowl includes the following statements, from English to Armenian, Greek to Icelandic: x Bon Appetit x Bari Akh O...
$18.21 by ETS35
The French 7,5mm machine gun was used in various version in fortifications, armor and by the infantry. Included in this set are two pieces each of ...
$10.50 by ETS35
This set contains four pieces of the French Reibel 7,5mm machine gun, better known as the 'Mitrailleuse mle 1931'. Different versions existed but t...
$18.00 by MrRstar
$18.00 by MrRstar
$23.86 by Benny_Soehave
Renault 4 L van: Lot of four cars. These cars were common by the French, Irish and Danish postal service as well as comon amongst small private ent...
$35.46 by ETS35
This set is designed as an update for Hotchkiss tanks from Bronco (1:35), but may also be used with kits from Trumpeter or Heller. Included are par...
$10.92 by mkermol
A delicate snowflake, perfect as a christmas ornament, easily attached to anything you might find lacking in flaky qualities. We designed it to hav...