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$47.76 by eam0315
A remake of the knife that the Spy used in Valve's PC game; Team Fortress 2.
$49.95 by AnachronGames
It is the age of the Anachron Legions - when war has torn civilization asunder, and new empires rise from the ashes, their mighty Legions wielding ...
$24.86 by stefdevos
Show your preference for engineering with this Team Fortress engineer on your desk.
$50.29 by KevsWeb
Shapeways Image Popper
$24.64 by LeadSpace
This model is designed for used with the old Mighty Empires boardgame. This model is the same size as an individual cardboard tile. I made these to...
$48.99 by frank8492
This is my version of the Space 1889 Martian Villa Fortress for use with the 1/1200 scale Aeronef miniatures by Brigade Models. Its quite large fo...
$9.73 by DoWhileGeek
This is my visualization of what a coin looks like in Dwarf Fortress when you mint them at a forge. Order includes one coin. Modeled in blender 2...