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$119.88 by UnmaskedDesigns
This Magic Folding Block mechanism will always surprise you with its next fold. See Animations on Google+ https://plus.google.com/u/3/1025491066...
$13.00 by BAdesign
A mini blade for a folding knife  The text in customized, just PM me for your "one of a kind" blade.  * T...
$4.50 by BAdesign
A plastic body for folding knife.  To use this item just "slide" the blade inside following the groove on the bla...
$24.36 by lootkit
SD Cards are slim, flimsy and often break when filing them into a bag or wallet. The perfect case for SD Cards needs to be durable, slim and ready...
$34.00 by manueldr
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$25.54 by manueldr
$65.15 by manueldr
$14.09 by Mid7night
Folding propeller assembly, complete with hub and props. 3mm shaft-hole, swept-tips for quieter operations. Will update this post with running-vi...
$5.57 by Jeewel
$178.11 by Oskar_van_Deventer
Chain Cube is an old Oskar design, from 7 March 1983. The puzzle is a chain made of two types of links, namely straight and twisted. The object is ...