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$133.06 by Texel2001
This bracket will accept a DJI S800 landinggear. This Bracket is for alternative mounting of a DJI S800 landing gear. Can be fitted to match a quad...
$388.94 by Texel2001
Designed for 20mm tube.
$5.68 by Texel2001
Printing resolution gauge. Different holes (metric) ranging from 1.0 up to 3.3 mm. Large 20 mm tube fitting test. 4.2 mm hole with locking ridge f...
$3.78 by Texel2001
Tube bracket to hold a 20mm (OD) tube in the Flexacopter. Holes are for m3 bolts. Plate distance is about 22mm after clamping the tube.
$37.26 by Texel2001
60 halve tube clamps for 12mm tube. 60 halbe rohr schellen fuer 12mm rohr.