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$24.84 by natetrue
$139.26 by K4rl33
$28.92 by WillLaPuerta
Flame shaped candle holder that can keep a tea light inside. This prints in plastic, so I would recommend an electric light rather than a real candle.
$33.98 by bhain7
Appearing like a flame without an origin, this unique and innovative candle holder provides light while it takes on a stylish fire-like shape.
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$13.02 by andrei_socivoi
Open source pendants???Single Dragon Flame 1 inch Pendant
Not For Sale by TLV3D
The Future of Footwear. The Flame Shoe - by TLV
$89.98 by rabi_kota
This pendant is one that was designed in tribal style on the basis of the Japanese Kanji "flame". Size of the hole through which the string is 3mm....
$6.00 by GladMech
Man's Christian Ring Size 16 (0.970" id) * Cross & Dove with Flame * Other sizes available upon request: hcurtis@bellsouth.net
$30.00 by ShawnMoghadam
A Muscular, Modern and Mysterious puzzle bracelet designed for men. Think of it as the G-Shock of bracelets. I tell people it's a portable Portal...