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$12.09 by Universal_Products
This is a pre-made set of fins for use with model rockets. Requires an 18.7mm tube diameter. This fin set includes small dogtooth features and sw...
$718.12 by mhsenkow
These are a 3D model of the ceiling fins used in Renzo Piano's building, "The Menil Collection" in Texas. They are an approximation and should not ...
$10.11 by wedge
Go to a new level of diving with you Minifigs! Go technical diving! Do it right. BC system with double tanks. There is no regulator part of the ...
$3.28 by rlbagulatftn
Using shark fin like wings in an airplane model
$18.32 by rlbagulatftn
Inverse of a Joukowski diaxial wing
$3.54 by rlbagulatftn
$29.99 by Sputnikk
This is a set of retractable fins for your USS Freedom model that will fit in your 1/96 scale hull sold by Homeport Model ships. These are made to ...
$30.00 by Boogfever
Bodyboard Fins Necklace Pendant. Design is based on Churchill Makapuu bodyboarding fins. Made for those who love bodyboarding or just the ocean ...
$7.00 by RareBreed
Small swimming whale shark toy by RareBreed ©2012-2013. Available in plastics or precious metals.