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$10.02 by AlanBungey
Precast concrete fence posts to suit 1.8m high chainlink mesh with 3 additional wires (plain or barbed) above. Fret includes standard posts, corner...
$8.00 by Jörzi
Miniature iron fence gate, total width 5,0 cm (~2 inches). 4 separate pieces (two pillars and two doors). The door hinges should work (diameter of ...
$23.72 by Jörzi
Includes the gate (5cm total width), two corner pillars (1x1cm), two 4cm fence pieces and two 9cm fence pieces. the fence pieces are 2 parts each, ...
$6.01 by Jörzi
Modular miniature fence. The fence piece is 4cm and it makes 5 cm (~2 inches) together with the non-corner pillar
$5.08 by scientist2010
The Fencing Mask Pendant is a symbol for olympic fencing, power and the strength to face the fight, but stands as well for elegance and reserved na...
$7.65 by Tiny_Terrain
A fence in a more classic style.
$5.37 by Tiny_Terrain
A simple wooden fence.
$5.55 by Tiny_Terrain
A variant of the wooden fence.
$1.61 by KatanaBanana
This piece is inspired by and meant to reflect Ironwork fences popular throughout the centuries. It is a pendant meant to be suspended between to e...
$4.86 by BrettWoodard
A miniature fence. The fence's base is 27 mm long and 5 mm wide. The fence is 14 mm tall. The fences paint well using acrylic paints. We recommen...