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$80.00 by schreerdesign
'What is the sound of one tentacle clapping?' 'Wrong answer, go back to your tomb!' See our other work at www.schreerdelights.com
$33.80 by Danger_Sideburns
Chubby Pooch
$34.09 by Cracadoo
Cat shaped espresso mug. This mug can hold about 90ml (3oz) of liquid. Perfect gift for any cat and coffee/cappuccino/espresso lowers. This mater...
$67.68 by Anigroove
Fat child with big heart inside.
A cute cartoon bull for your car or desk
$49.23 by Brambo
Fat and happy Buddha
$21.47 by Yerathel
The Fat Satyr. Height is 30 mm. This figures is intended to be glued to a 28mm gaming base (not included) in order for it to stand properly. To inc...
$42.00 by ViktorLambov
This model is created in Blender, and it is a pretty large compared to my other models. This bowl has ridges from out side and inside of the bowl, ...
$93.00 by blassfisch
$8.97 by Pivots
Crocodile 1.0 (Small) - Part of the upcoming 'fat animals' collection! If you were to stand in front of a crocodile and blow it up with air or eve...