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$262.40 by kevinweinewyork
An offset teardrop pendant made of solid sterling silver. Angular chrysanthemum motifs make up a network of interlocking mirrored plates and engrav...
$6.99 by Fairesure
$75.00 by thefuturefuture
$40.00 by thefuturefuture
$163.20 by minoli
Anchor pendant Best printed in silver to capture intricate details
$568.00 by kevinweinewyork
A wide bangle made of solid sterling silver. Pointed flower motifs make up a three-dimensional lattice that wraps around a mysterious internal spac...
$25.00 by thefuturefuture
$19.19 by acpdesign
$17.93 by acpdesign
$5,033.25 by dashorn