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Not For Sale by melvin
angelina jolie
Not For Sale by Wildsketch
This was created as a doodle in ZBrush, an excuse to use the pinch brush. Re-topologized and made hollow for printing.In the short term, one of th...
$14.23 by aprice4
=D coin base on =D
Not For Sale by pzich
$119.00 by bendansie
Designed for the young and seafaring at heart - even if they can't tell their binnacles from their barnacles. Successfully printed in Silver and G...
$48.98 by dnatedawg
Strange head modeled in Blender using the sculpt tool with no refference image just for fun don't you love run on sentences?
$27.82 by StormRunner
Small funky bottle
$36.39 by bubby9534
Real, holdable version of the famous optical illusion "Rubin's Vase." Learn more below. NOTE: A version available in ceramics is available at thi...
Not For Sale by cubedude76
This is the face turning pyritohedron puzzle. You will need 1 copy of Set 1 and 1 copy of Set 2 for a complete puzzle. You will need cube springs ...
$21.25 by stoney_
A die with 6 faces.