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$2.58 by dennis.smithii
This was made as a birthday gift for my wife. I had it investment casted out of sterling silver with a glossy finish. It is a very petite piece of ...
$15.84 by yi6i7
$13.00 by matan1
ABC english letters - F
$12.00 by Manjiri_McCoy
Stylized combination of the Devanagari F and Latin F characters. Suitable for all names beginning with F.
$11.92 by enlightened
Beautiful pendant, Keyring or necklace heart shaped with the letter F on the front and back. The letter F is actually modelled on both sides facing...
$9.99 by FernandoGarza
Beautiful organic "F" pendant. Great for gifts. 25mm (1 Inch) tall plus necklace ring.
$30.13 by DangerousDac
An original design by yours truly, she was a pleasure to design and I hope a pleasure to look at and play with in your hands as well as mine. Print...
$2.13 by Cmitzz
$68.44 by sixsigmad
$8.56 by friz
A 12-sided die based on the Hexagonal Dipyramid, the dual of the Archimedean Hexagonal Prism. Like Catalan solids, the "true" dipyramids feature eq...