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$25.00 by Bionicdingo
Team fortress 2 class token pendant! For everybody's favourite industrious texan, the Engineer. 3cm in diameter, with a loop on the back for a cord...
$15.24 by krokodyl1220
Nut-shaped ring. Almost an exact replica of an actual nut. Best printed in glossy silver. Dimensions of the ring presented on the image can be mo...
$64.66 by Jake_Seely
Here is a ring that I designed to look like twisted rope held in a ring by set screws. I can re-size this ring to fit you specifically if you send...
Not For Sale by cwortman
 This is a 3 in x 3 in x 3 model of the global axes.  Each axis has the direction variable(X, Y, and Z) extruded on the cylinder.  T...
$26.76 by aemarconnet
A heart in gear necklace that i originally designed for my sister, who is also an engineer...This is my second version, which should have more aest...
$2.50 by penwinn
13/16" Diameter, 3/32" Thick and two 1/8" Diameter holes. One side contains a full wave bridge rectifier (has 4 triangles on a squar...
$2.54 by penwinn
3/32" Thick, four 1/8" diameter holes and a radius of 29/64" maximum. Dual sided, one X like and the other + like.
$2.52 by penwinn
Max diameter of 59/64", one hole about 7/64" and 7/64" thickness.  The gears do not spin nor move, it's just a design.
$2.57 by penwinn
Two 1/8" diameter holes, dual sided.  One side blank and the other has unique design.
$2.24 by penwinn
Contains two 3/32" diameter holes and the edges are about 80 degrees.