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$84.77 by aguebeli
Two right and left handed pieces, put them together simuntaniously
$64.18 by aguebeli
Puzzle, 3 pieces, put together, take apart, you have to put the 3 pieces simultaneously together!
$63.57 by aguebeli
Puzzle, 6 pieces, put them back into the box. Solution: That it works you have to deform 2 of the 6 pieces.
$129.78 by aguebeli
Puzzle, 12 pieces with support, very difficult 12 Rhomboederbausteine mit Sockel, Seitenlänge ca. 12 mm, Sockeldurchmesser ca.100 mm
$102.92 by aguebeli
Puzzle, 4 pieces with one box, create 11 different shapes with 6 surfaces
$40.50 by aguebeli
Puzzle, 3 pieces, put together to form a golden rhombic icosahedron
$33.08 by aguebeli
Puzzle, Legespiel, 10 pieces,
$60.56 by aguebeli
Puzzle, 8 elbow pieces, put them together to four pieces, three of them with different spaces, to form one plate, there is probably one unique solu...