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$12.10 by SheilaMunro
Detailed Flower of Life Pendant. Also available as an earring set. :)
$16.00 by emcbryan
The Eye of Horus (big) I am still waiting on my order to come in, I chose the raw brass and I am really excited to see how it turned out. Although...
$14.00 by emcbryan
Eye of Horus (small) This is smaller than my other Eye of Horus. I made it for those who don't like a thick bands or designs on their fingers. Thi...
$12.99 by Kidmechano
Beware Anubis, the Egyptian God of the Dead. Mod your Mo figure with one of our bonus kits from our successful Kickstarter campaign. Kit comes wit...
$2.83 by AimeeSeaver
$11.97 by baltimore
Egyptian Eye of Horus Ring this is about a size 10 or 11 usa
$22.00 by baltimore
size ~6.5 thinner style. now with eye lashes!
$252.96 by LokiLaufeysen
comes in many materials inclcuding sandstone. pyramid prim From 123d design ipad app so people can own a pyramid
$25.36 by WillLaPuerta
Ancient Egyptian scarab pendant for your own custom jewelry.
$53.89 by LokiLaufeysen
made with 2d to 3d app Want to get a set? + Want to get a set? +