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$25.01 by MatarazzoDesigns
This double spiral necklace wraps around an orb pendant. The orb is free to roll through the necklace, moving with you.
$39.40 by smanderg
Necklace Inspired by the Benham Disk
$40.00 by MatarazzoDesigns
This one piece necklace sweeps back and forth framing your neck with graceful loops.
Not For Sale by kcwinter
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67khDZ0P7Xo so this, as a necklace. I had too much fun with this
Not For Sale by jeff
A visual representation of your voice saying "I love you". Custom made for each voice yet to be heard.
Not For Sale by GHP
$12.98 by MatarazzoDesigns
Not For Sale by MichielCornelissen
Some products start as a Shapeways project, and later 'graduate' to be sold through design brands and retail channels, which is why sometimes they ...
$60.02 by LincolnK
This one piece necklace is called "Brita" pronounced "Breeta"
Not For Sale by ecobb