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$565.61 by leopoly
$11.89 by modelbouwvisser
De Walk Thru is hét model dat bekend is van Van Gend en Loos. Beste te printen in FD en/of FUD.
$7.99 by saneTV
Snowflake: based on the shape of a natural snowflake. Chain or cord not included.
$6.99 by saneTV
Snowflake: based on the shape of a natural snowflake. As a result, the shape of the flake is not symmetrical. Chain or cord not included.
$41.89 by ncshaw
This is a mathematical object. It is like the well-known "Moebius strip", but this object has a three-dimensional body. You can start at one locati...
Not For Sale by aemarconnet
This is a tool used to gause the height of the transition point of a tower in the Science Olympiad Towers Event (for the 2012 season).
$40.99 by BrunoPostle
A pair of silver earrings. These are exact scale models of the Lotus sculpture built for the 2012 Goodwood festival of Speed. Mathematically they ...
$294.14 by Anything3d
This is a model created by Anything 3D it is being exhibited for the 2012 olympics by Greenwich council. The model has been created by Anything 3d ...
$19.52 by writerwolf
New chest plate, neck and head for the Transformers Prime Ratchet deluxe figure. Using these new parts you can change your Ratchet figure into a ve...
$8.59 by Magic
Truncated Sphere D14 based on a cuboctahedron.Labelled from "Mon" to "Sun" twice.This a new version with a better engraving and a new orientation t...